About Second Swim's Sustainable Swimwear

Designer Swimwear in the Gold Coast

If you’re looking for designer swimwear that aims to make a real difference, Second Swim is the brand you are looking for. We aim to provide high-quality swimming garments to women across Australia. Not only do we have a big focus on better quality, but we also have a large focus on sustainable practices that help make a true difference to our environment. This is what sets us apart from other designer brands.

Who Is Second Swim?

Second Swim was established in Cairns in late 2012. The business established its presence online selling clothes and jewellery from other brands, until our love for the Great Barrier Reef influenced the decision to design and manufacture high-quality swimwear made with luxurious Italian lycra and regenerated nylon. We wanted to be a brand that not only focuses on great swimwear but also creating a business that goes beyond selling swimsuits.

Helping The Environment

Since relocating to the Gold Coast, we are still passionate about our oceans and protecting our marine life. To help make a difference, we donate 10% of our sales to help clean the oceans and waterways.

After our recent trip to Indonesia, we became so overwhelmed with the state of pollution it was in. However, it isn’t just places like Indonesia who are drowning in pollution. Unlike here in Australia, some countries do not have a waste management system which leads to rubbish ending up in our waterways and oceans. Ultimately, it's our marine life that pay the price and we hope that our contribution makes a difference to our environment.

Better Quality Swimmers

We created a luxury swimwear line made from high-quality Italian lycra and regenerated nylon so that our pieces will have you looking and feeling at your absolute best. Here at Second Swim, every single bikini we send to you is personally looked over, gift wrapped and sent by our Creative Director and Leading Designer, Rebecca, to ensure it maintains it’s level of quality.

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