CQ News Emerald

Author: CQ News, Australia  

Becky Cordoma is designing her dream, one brightly coloured piece of swimwear at a time. 

The 24-year-old designer, who grew up in Emerald, has started her own fashion label Second Swim, designing Australia-made swimwear.

The dream began back in 2013 when Becky started under a different business name, Privileged Fashion, after moving to Cairns from Emerald the year before.

"A few friends including myself were all working jobs that had no use for our creative input,” she said.

"Neither of us could get employed in the industry we were interested in as we didn't have the correct training or experience.

"It always bothered me that you're expected to have experience but hardly anyone will give you a go, especially when it comes to creative industries.

"I then decided I'd create my own line of swimwear and get my friends to help me model and photograph it.