Author: Rebecca  Date Posted:1 January 2014 

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24.07 // Cairns, Australia
SO EXCITED!!! The gorgeous Erin Holland started following us today! So happy to have Miss World Australia who is originally from Cairns support a local business. If only I had my bikini's ready I'd give her some! She's definitely motivated me, that's for sure!! Even right now, I have a sore back & sore throat, but I'm starting my sales order for the manufacturer. There's so much work to do, and like my mum always says "It's time to get your A into G!"


15.07 // Cairns, Australia
Today I ordered some samples from a trim supplier for my bikinis. Hopefully the sizes are okay. I'm about to edit my website and check on a different supplier for some bikini bra cups. I have a lot of bralette styled bikini's, so finding the right shape will be hard. Also, yesterday I did up some spec sheets. So I will have to make sure once it's detailed enough I can send it through to the manufacturer. I won't have stitching done though. Or any of the trim measurements, i don't know how to fill them in. But I will definitely do the best I can and ask questions where I need answers. 
I also need to fix/finish some more headbands. I won't do these anymore I think. They were a good start off project but now I really want to focus on becoming the next big surf label, but even better.


14.07 // Cairns, Australia
Here's a very late update. Privileged is now back under construction. I'm excluding shipping costs for all orders in Australia and waiting the arrival of the goods from Cleopatra's bling. I'm focusing on the bikinis right now and then will work on a portfolio for a major retailer and a few other boutiques. I'm going to be super busy in the upcoming months. I also had an idea for a men's apparel label, which could be a line of men's t-shirts and board shorts. I could also stock the men's eye wear from Quay, as that's a good way to keep customer interest. I'll make sure my pricing is competitive! 

But, right now I'm just going to focus on one thing at a time, and that's my collection of bikinis. 2015 Is going to be a hell of a year! #BringItOn


28.04 // Cairns, Australia
So, yesterday I messaged a low key Australian celebrity (who shall not be named) who has appeared on TV a few times this year. She's quite gorgeous and has liked a few of my social media posts so I figured I'd message her to see if she'd wear some bikini's for me. She loves the idea and is happy to wait for my new collection. Ideally I'd like to be ready before December, so I'm going to invest most of my time into it to make it happen. I also sent some headbands to Germany and got heaps more Instagram followers because of it. I do also need to make a payment to Cleopatra's Bling so I can stock their rings and pendants. Like always there's so much more to do, and all by myself like usual. I did just recently get a new collection in by an Australian clothing label, which also needs to be photographed and uploaded online. Not to mention my headbands as well! Busy busy busy! But it can all be done and it will all be 100% worth this stress and anxiety!!


08.04 // Cairns, Australia
I'm so slack! I'm meant to document what happens per day, not once a month!! I'll do some catching up now.
So right now, Privileged is on construction, my final sample is being done at a pattern studio in Brisbane, I have become the first stockist for a Turkish Jewelry label and I just placed my first order with an Australian clothing label to stock their winter collection. Also I'm expecting a sunglasses order, which is at the post office. On another note, I've officially got a stripe account, which allows credit card users to purchase online, but I don't have b-pay. Also, designed the next 2 bikinis which i might change because it's too similar to a competitor. Some minor changes and fabric choices should fix that. What I do want to do though is start getting the prints for the new bow ties done up. The bow ties are my best sellers, plus it bring in a male audience. Anyways now you're slightly up to speed.

24.02 // Cairns, Australia
I have not spoken to you in a while, actually and entire month. Here's whats new....

A swimwear manufacturer in Sydney informed me on the cost for my bikini tops will be quite pricey with the underwire. So at the moment I have a lady from Brisbane mocking up a sample for a bikini top without underwire. Hopefully this will be done by the middle of march. then I have to send the wire and no wire sample to old mate in Sydney to receive a quote for the manufacturing. I need to also write up an order sheet for the manufacturer. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to consider flying down and meeting him first. Would be much more professional and i could suss out if they're a good company or not. Also  need to get in touch with the cutters and discuss a courier for getting my fabric there!


25.01 // Browns Plains, Australia
Yesterday was such a nightmare!!! Due to the weather we cancelled the morning shoot and moved it to the afternoon. Had to move the studio shoot and look book shoot to Sunday, All that planning to have it crumble!! Nat come over and did our make-up, it was gorgeous!! She is ah-mazing! Then Rach and I rushed to the beach and met up with the photographer. The shoot was so much fun and I can't wait to see the results. Hopefully Sunday goes to plan. 

Today Mum and I went to Browns Plains and met up with some fabric cutters. They're such lovely people and also very helpful! They showed me some new bra cups which is really sweet of them, and they had a tonne of knowledge. Now that I've seen the exact cups I need, I will have to modify the pattern. Which means another 3 weeks dedicated to pattern making and grading, and another round of samples. It has to be perfect, or at least close to it!

I also want to fix the wires and neck straps. These few things need doing ASAP before changes are passed over for manufacturing.


23.01 // Cairns, Australia
So right now I'm sitting in the airport. Some last minute thoughts going through my head that I have to write down. So tomorrow is photo shoot day. Everything is organised so hopefully smooth sailing. We had to cancel the model from Brisbane due to expense. Rach will be doing the studio shots and we'll both be doing the look books. I'm yet to figure out how to work my Go-Pro, which I'll do tonight. Rach suggesed we move the evening shoot to right after the morning, but I really wanted the evening lighting, so I think we'll keep the original itinerary. The look for tomorrow morning arrived today at Rach's, thank god! Now lets just hope it fits! If not we will just have to do bikini tops and shorts. I'm sure everything will work out!


13.01 // Cairns, Australia
So it's been a busy few days. Fabric arrived, payed the fabric lady a visit and of course, couldn't make the payment in one go. So I paid her in three separate installments. Also paid a deposit to the photographer. Now I'm emailing some labels looking for new companies to stock. Also about to place and order with a different accessory label here in Australia. Been meaning to do this for ages so I figured while it's miserable weather outside, I should get me 'A' into 'G'. Also been getting the final okay on most things for Friday. Tomorrow I will be sending an itinerary to each person like photographer, model, make-up artist, etc. I will be doing those sheets up this afternoon. As for everything else, still need to organize my graphic designer, a cutter, manufacturer and my PR over in New York. So much to do, I need and extra limb.


07.01 // Cairns, Australia
Yesterday I ordered my fabric for my bikinis. It's pretty costly but that was expected for good quality fabric. Also focused on instagram today. Now that I have ordered my fabric, which should be here at the end of the week, I now need to get in touch with some cutters. Should hopefully get one organized by the end of the week. I spoke to my cousin in regards to getting my stickers, swing tags and bikini labels designed. Now that reminds me to order wash instruction tags. I should be able to get one through Cash's. 

Also remember to purchase a tag gun so I can tag my headbands. I need to order some tissue paper as well for all my stock. Jesussssssss, so much to do, now I'm going to e-mail a modeling agency! #SoExcited!!


05.01 // Cairns, Australia
It's Sunday, which means any errands I need to do will have to be done tomorrow. My main priority for tomorrow is to order my fabric for my bikinis. I will take in my sample and patterns and ask for Bev's advice. No matter what, I have to place the order tomorrow!Bev goes on a 6 week holiday, so unless I want to wait till March, I should get on top of it. Also have to do all of my personal errands, then go to the airport and go back to Mareeba. Rach, right now, is at "The Spit" taking some photos for me. I'm really excited to see what this place looks like. 

Today I tried on the most recent sample I got. I'm happy with the samples, but not on my body. I can't wait to see what the model looks like in it!!
Need to investigate some cutters and manufacturers closer to home.

04.01 // Cairns, Australia
So today I confirmed our Gold Coast photographer, who I met through a friend I work with. I've also emailed some modeling agencies for some prices, in regards to hiring a local model for the shoots. I also haven't heard back from some of the hotels I've emailed in regards to hiring a room for the photos and also what their policy is on photos by the pool. I had an idea of doing photos by a boardwalk/harbor of some sort, around sunset. Rach said there is one near Sea World called 'The Spit". She is going to take some photos for me hopefully tomorrow so I can see what it looks like.

If I'm not happy with the images, It might be a good Idea to get in touch with some realestate agencies and suss out some open homes. Maybe I can use them to take photos in? As of right now I'm currently doing a re-vamp of the website as it's the start of the month.

03.01 // Cairns, Australia
So as I get closer to the Australia day long weekend photo shoot, I find myself stressing about my own photos in a bikini rather than all the stuff I need to accomplish before I go to the Gold Coast! It's my own fault, I should be working out and preparing for the photos, but oh my god how good is chocolate :'(

Anyway, on an exciting note, I received another bikini sample today! I love it!!! I should wear that colour on the day I do photos, if I do the photos that is. Also I now have to take some photos of the sample as a Flat Lay, and upload it to our pre-orders page, so buyers can see this colour option. Also I have to look at placing another Quay Eye-ware order and an '8OR' order. Not to mention accomplish the 1,000 other jobs I've given myself. Also now that I have my pattern and sample back, I need to get in touch with a cutter and order the fabric! So excited!!!


02.01 // Cairns, Australia
Today has been more productive than creative. I'm at the starting point of organizing the look book shoot for the Gold Coast in a couple of weeks. So far, I have received quotes from the photographer and a few modeling agencies. Just by going off their standard quotes, it looks like I will be spending about $1,800 for 3 shoots, which is really good, but woah $1,800 is still $1,800! right at this moment I am currently organizing merchandise. Both headbands and sunglasses will be photographed and so far only one of those are ready.

I still have to complete the headbands, book and evening location, confirm a model and pay a deposit to the modeling agency and photographer. Feeling the stress today because I'm yet to find a hair stylist, make-up artist and book my own primp and prep appointments! Not to mention I need to have times locked in for everyone and organize some type of itinerary. But I'm a Cordoma, so i'll get it done.


01.01 // Cairns, Australia
So here it is, my business journal. Every day (maybe) for the next few years, i'll be documenting my journey. I'll put down my lists, time lines, achievements, failures, goals and aspirations. I’ll document what has happened, what is about to happen and also what I want to happen.

New year new me right? I'll keep you posted.