Author: Rebecca  Date Posted:21 January 2015 

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21.01 // Gold Coast, Australia
So today I finished the product long description and I'm just about to start the colour pages. I also posted some bikini's to Rebecca Lomas Today. She's the owner of the IG "Strong is the new skinny" and she's agreed to advertise for free for me. She's the first high profile social media influencer to wear my designs, so it's a pretty big deal to have her on board. I also need to get in touch with Chloe, to see if she's still interested in wearing some of my bikinis. She has a good local following for the Gold Coast which will make her a good contact to have. Also we head back to Emerald. So I also need to load up the ute with all my Second Swim merchandise in case i make sales back at home.

20.01 // Gold Coast, Australia

Back at it today. My main task is editing the footer on each product on Weebly. It's quite painful seeing as my internet is super slow. That and the fact I burnt my thumb this morning so who's winning?? Hopefully my day gets better. There's still so much to do like Blog Posts and editing the "About Me" page. Also I need to get the photos off Matty from the Cairns campaign. I don't want to rush him but I'm so impatient and want to start on my home page. Which is basically banners of photos from Cairns. the sooner the better basically. But i just gotta chill out and pace myself. Stress is bad!

19.01 // Gold Coast, Australia
Okay, it's been a while so let's just bring everything up to date! I've moved from Cairns, back to Emerald and I'm currently waiting on the photo shoot images I took with Matty & Holly from a few days ago. I'm also recently single (thank god) which means more stuff is getting done because there's nobody holding me back or bringing me down. So all I've been doing is editing the website non stop. I've also found a girl who I used to go to Tafe with, Chloe, and she is a Bikini Blogger here in the GC, so how perfect is that. She's agreed to do some promotional modeling for me.

I have also got all my bikinis upstairs in bags. They've been tagged and look amazing! There;s still so much to do. I get anxiety just thinking about it. But my goal is to have my website done today. No excuses!! Anyways I'll try write more often in here so it's not such a big gap.