Author: Rebecca  Date Posted:7 April 2019 

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30.09 // Gold Coast, Australia
This year has been hectic. I don't even really know how to bring anyone up to scratch. I've found a NEW manufacturer, I have 3 potential stockists, I did a campaign in South Africa and we're about to launch our new website with AfterPay!!
Talk about stress though. I've pretty much neglected this part of the website while I try and get everything sorted. I do want to talk a little bit about my new manufactuer though!!

So, I met the legend Camille when I was living in Cairns. She is one heck of a gold mine of knowledge and she just so happened to know the contact for my new manufacturer! The best bit is, it's in the Gold Coast! That means we get to go back to our original roots of Australian Made. This is something I feel is so important as it's an ethically traded company and it's local. The lady I've been conversing with is also a legend! She herself has had many many years of experience in the field and has a real "Let's give it a shot" attitude!

Camille has started her own label which is insaneeeee and deserves some love too!! I'll be launching soon and we cannot wait to buy one of everything!

Check her out here: HOUSE OF CAMMIE

I've also forgot to mention one of our Journal readers reached out to me and oh my goodness the love I have for that girl now! She's starting her own label and it is to dieeeee forrrrr!!
We've basically become pen pals via email, and she has been offering that ever-so-needed shoulder to complain on! It's incredible to meet all these amazing creative individuals through our platform here on Second Swim! You should all go and give Naomi a follow on her new business!

Check her out here: TWLCO

07.04 // Gold Coast, Australia
Holy Guacamole, talk about a delay. Has anyone else read the first ever journal post back in 2014 new years day. How I was going to post every single day… HA. That spring chicken was very determined, but this old hen has been way to busy to post every day.

Let’s bring all of you up to scratch…

My manufacturer CLOSED DOWN. Yup they are finito. I also wasn’t aware of said closure, until last week. Pretty fabulous hey, especially when they didn’t even send out a memo, and I’m here just madly prepping for Season 3, thinking how amazing I am for being way ahead of schedule. Idiot.

It’s fine though, because like always, your girl bounces back. I’m pretty certain that my tolerance level for things to become royally screwed, is so high that I could literally watch my collection be set on fire and I don’t think it would stress me out.

That’s a lie. When I found out, I freaked.

This new collection though is something I’m pretty stoked about. I’m looking at custom colours and more crochet.
CROCHET. Oh my god, have you guys seen our
NEW crochet line! EEEP so much joy when we launched those bad boys. Loving our sustainable fabrics and the environmentally friendly path we’re on.

We’ve also now ruled out plastic from our packaging COMPLETELY. That’s right, our swimwear is posted in Biodegradable plant based post satchels, that are eaten by worms if you bury them in the garden. It’s such an important step we’ve taken in to becoming a more waste conscious label. We also donate 10% of all sales to help clean the ocean. It makes me feel a bit like Oprah.. “You get a plastic free digestive system, you get a clear airway, you get a longer life that’s uninterrupted/ruined by the human race because we’re a selfish species and destroy all possible eco-systems”

In other news, the GC is greener than ever with the copious amount of rain we’ve been having. I haven’t missed the sunshine too much since we’ve decided to take some steps into a new website. Any free time that lands in my lap usually ends up with me sitting at my computer working on it. I absolutely adore our current website, but soon we’ll be offering Afterpay, which seems to be the trending topic in my emails these days.

Oh and I completely forgot to mention we shot with the insanely talented Jonny Selenmeyer and Elisha Herbert in Sydney last February. The images are phenomenal.