Author: Rebecca  Date Posted:11 March 2016 

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27.10 // Gold Coast, Australia
Well I haven't said much in this diary and so much has happened.
I lost my mum about 3 months ago and oh how I miss her. Right now everything feels numb. There's so much I want to tell her about but I can't. She helped me start my business and buy things for my office. She wanted to see my office all set up but I told her she couldn't come and see it until it was done. That night she went into hospital and she never saw it.

She helped me start my business and it breaks my heart knowing she's not along for this crazy ride. I'm so thankful I still have my dad. It was a close call to loosing him as well.


13.03 //  Gold Coast, Australia
So tonight I bit the bullet and did 2 money transfers for social media marketing to influencers. It's always a high risk but if I don't try marketing pm all platforms how will I know which one is more effective? I made sure they wouldn't post on the same day, so that I could monitor which one generates the most traffic, and potentially some sales.

- Do a new campaign
- Look into which countries will be most likely to buy swimwear this time of the year (seasonal)
- Get in touch with some models for a duo shoot
- Look into more cost effective ways for international shipping
- Research local market costs.


11.03 // Gold Coast, Australia
So it's Friday and I've decided to get back on the diary track.
Here's what's happened. Privileged Fashion is now Second Swim. Such a good move. It's easier to remember and there's a big plan installed for it. Let's just say it's a #PlayOnWords!!

- Trademark Second Swim, or check availability. 100% Register that business name!!
- Finish design brief for kid's swimwear, and one pieces!

I think whenever I have an idea, I should just dot point it or put it in some form of writing. I'm always worried I'll forget my ideas while I'm lying in bed staring at the ceiling.

- Social media posting! 
- Market strategy
- Subscribers emails
- Blog posts
- Logistics training and learning, check youtube there's some killer advice givers on there!!
- Website updates, google will flag me otherwise! Plus it's good for my SEO and rating.

I need to channel more energy into my label if I want it to grow. It's soooo challenging right now with mum and dad both having cancer, and all those hospital visits :(
You can do it though! Most people would quit, but I've tread water too long to sink now!